Our History

From a very early age I have been fascinated by color.  My grandmother had a stove that had the most intriguing lights — to this day I wish I had a picture of them.  This is one of my earliest memories!

historyHere is a photo of me with my young children in 1983.  And I am still as fascinated with color as I was as a child.

Taylor & Coultas American Made began in 1988 as Calico Collectables.  We began in my home and in 1992 after 4 years of doubling our sales we were bursting at the seams in my rural home.  (A fond memory is coming home from vacation a day early and my bed was not to be seen.  It was covered with bolts of fabric).  We moved to
a 6,000 sq ft building in downtown Jacksonville, IL.  At one time we employed 10 in-house employees and over 100 American ladies sewing in their homes doing our production.

History003-1-WebTimes changed and we had to compete with overseas imports.  And we could not compete!  So we joined them to begin importing in 2008.  When our vendor overseas went under it seemed as if our run was over, but a kind and interested young man invested in us and joined us in January of 2013 and we began again.

And now another change!!  Due to your positive response to our American Made items we are making all American items again.

We now have 7 ladies who all have worked for Taylor & Coultas for many, many years.  I am back to shipping from my basement and designing in my kitchen.  But God is good and every day He provides many wonderful blessings, including all my loyal customers.  Thank you for supporting our American made items.

Look for many new items coming for the shows.